By purchasing the Value-Holdings International share, you participate in a portfolio of listed investments from Germany as well as other European countries.

The company draws on the expertise of Value-Holdings AG within the scope of portfolio management. All investment decisions are made using the value investing strategy that has been successfully implemented over many years.

The measure of the company’s success is the development of the value of the investments held. For this reason,Value-Holdings International AG regularly publishes the net asset value of the Company in its financial reports.


Supervisory Board:
Georg Geiger, Neusäß, Chairman
Hans Rudi Küfner, Remscheid-Lennep, Vice-Chairman
Josef Scherrer, Eschlikon (CH)
Board of Directors:
Roland Könen, Augsburg

Value-Holdings International share:


756 362



Stock exchange:


Share capital:

4.343.626 €

Shares outstanding:


Investor Relation:

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