WKN:      A0Q8K9

ISIN:        LI0039541953

Investments in European, listed companies that show or can be expected to show above-average dividend yields. The selection is made according to the value investing strategy.

We look for companies with value, an attractive business model and a sustainable dividend policy. We are stock pickers and only buy undervalued shares with a “margin of safety”. Company size is not a criterion. The fund therefore contains mid and small caps without index membership, but also stocks from the large European indices such as DAX, EuroStoxx 50 or Stoxx 600. We avoid companies whose success depends on a highly regulated environment, for example, as well as sectors that can only survive through subsidies. These include, for example, financials, utilities, real estate stocks and bio/pharma stocks, which are left out.


Investment style:


Investment Objective:

Long-term capital gain with regular distributions


Dividend stocks Europe

Fund Manager:

Roland Könen

Use of earnings:

Distributing, target return 3% p.a.

Issue date:



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Fund Report 1st Quarter 2024

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The Value Holdings Dividend Fund can be acquired via the following stock exchanges and fund platforms: